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Natural Skincare Subscription Box: Best Beauty Boxes

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All natural and organic beauty boxes are great for trying out new brands and nontoxic clean products. Regardless of which subscription box you choose, you'll definitely get the best value and quality!

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Believe it or not but there are close to 100 beauty box subscriptions available in the U.S. alone! And the popularity of all-natural and organic beauty boxes is growing more than ever, since many people are switching to clean and non-toxic beauty products. That is to say, natural skincare subscription box is a great way to try out new nontoxic products and discover new clean beauty brands. Moreover, it can be a perfect gift for your mom, sister, friend, loved ones or even yourself!

A typical natural skincare subscription box ranges between $40-$50, but most boxes are usually valued double or triple of what you pay. With so many beauty boxes out there, Skin Perception narrowed it down to 10 best beauty box subscriptions that focus on clean and natural skincare.


Our Picks For Natural Subscription Boxes:

The Detox Box

  • Price: $55
  • Value: $100+
  • All natural high-end products
  • 1-3 full size products
  • Monthly subscription box
  • Free U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

Green, non-toxic and all natural beauty box curated by the beauty retailer The Detox Market, which is known for its strict ingredient standards. So you can be sure that all products are 100% natural, high quality and cruelty-free. Each monthly box features high-end green brands like OSEA, One Love Organics, Pai, Indie Lee, Tata Harper, Odacite, Herbivore, and others.

A month-to-month subscription costs $55, however you get a better deal if you commit to 3-month ($44.95) or 6-month subscription ($39.95). Each month you get 1 to 3 full size high-end products. In general, The Detox Box is valued at least $100 of green beauty skincare, body care or 100% natural makeup.

Clean Beauty Kit

  • Price: $45.75 reg./$20 mini box
  • Value: $170+
  • Natural skincare + lifestyle
  • 8-10 full & deluxe size items (4-5 items in mini box)
  • Monthly subscription
  • Free U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

This natural skincare subscription box features clean products that are made in the U.S by woman owned brands. All products go through strict screening in terms of harmful ingredients, and don’t repeat from month to month. Moreover, all skincare and lifestyle products in the box are sustainable, natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Clean Beauty Kit comes in two sizes, regular and mini. The regular box costs $45.75 and includes 8-10 mostly full size products, while the mini box costs $20 and includes 4-5 full and deluxe size items. Regardless of which box you choose, you’ll receive products with triple the value you pay for the box. Overall, this box is a great way to discover some new clean beauty brands as well as established brands like Beauty Counter, Orpheus, Mona Moon Naturals, Juice Beauty, and such.

Thera Box

  • Price: $35.99
  • Value: $120+
  • Natural skincare + wellness
  • 6-8 full size products
  • Monthly subscription
  • $5.95 U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

Thera Box is one of the most popular and best-selling self-care subscription boxes. In addition to natural, organic, artisan, and holistic skincare products for face and body, the box may also include lifestyle items, aromatherapy, wellness, self-care and therapeutic or happiness activity. A typical box includes about 6-8 full sized items, and the themes and products change each month.

This natural skincare subscription box costs $35.99 if you choose month-to-month plan, but it is cheaper if you commit to 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. But keep in mind that this box is frequently sold out, so once you subscribe you might have to wait until next month box. Overall, it’s a great option for those who love natural and artisan skincare and in need of some de-stressing, relaxation and mindfulness.

Petit Vour Beauty Box

  • Price: $18 reg./$25 PV Plus
  • Value: $50+ reg./$100+ PV Plus
  • Plant-based clean skincare + beauty
  • 4 full, deluxe and travel size products (5-7 in PV Plus)
  • Monthly subscription
  • Free U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

This natural skincare subscription box features only plant-based, clean, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan products. In addition to skincare, you can also expect to receive a mix of body care, hair products, makeup and fragrance items.

To point out, Petit Vour offers two subscription boxes: The Beauty box and PV Plus Beauty Box. Even though The Beauty Box costs $18, the total value of each box is at least $50, which includes 4 beauty products of large deluxe and generous sample sizes. On the other hand, the PV Plus Beauty Box is larger and includes 5-7 travel and full size items that have been voted “best” or “fan favorites” from the previous boxes. Some of the brands featured in the past boxes are Juice Beauty, Pai, Derma E, Ursa Major, Andalou Naturals, Odacite, OSEA, Jane Iredale, and others.

Among other advantages of this subscription box is ability to create personal beauty profile (so you’ll receive items that you prefer), and earn $4 per box for your honest review.

In addition, Petit Vour offers a variety of so-called “curated boxes” – not a subscription, but rather one-time thematic boxes like Clean Beauty Basics, Spa Day, Vegan Makeup Starter Kit, Everyday Glam, and others.

Vegancuts Beauty Box

Vegancuts Beauty Box

from: Cratejoy
  • Price: $24.95
  • Value: $60-$80+
  • Vegan & natural skincare + body care
  • 4-7 deluxe and full size items
  • Monthly subscription
  • Free U.S. shipping

         Check out this box >>

This beauty subscription box focuses on delivering 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural and organic skincare and body care products. Even though this natural skincare subscription box is priced at $24.95, the average value of all the products in the box is usually around $60-$110.

Each box includes 4 to 7 deluxe and full size items that are free of harmful ingredients. For example, the past boxes included some of the most reputable natural skincare brands like Osea, Derma E, Pacifica, Andalou Naturals, Weleda, Acure, Allafia, Osmia and others.

Laurel & Reed Box

Laurel & Reed

from: Cratejoy
  • Price: $43.95
  • Value: $125+
  • All-natural luxe skincare + body care
  • 3-5 only full size products
  • Monthly subscription
  • $6.95 U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

Luxe and all natural skincare subscription box that includes only high quality beauty products that are clean, non-toxic, cruelty free, and mostly vegan. This monthly box is priced at $43.95, but the minimum value of the products is at least $125.

Most Laurel & Reed boxes include 3 to 5 products, but all are FULL sized. Overall, you can expect to see all-natural and high-end brands like OSEA, One Love Organics, 100% Pure, Ursa Major, Bluh, Yuni, Province Apothecary and such.

In addition, each box itself is gift-wrapped beautifully, which makes it a great one time or a subscription gift. Another advantage of this natural beauty box is that the first box ships right away (usually within 1 day) for new subscribers.

The Clean Beauty Box

  • Price: $41.95-$68
  • Valued: $100+
  • Natural skincare, bodycare, haircare
  • 2-3 full size products
  • Bi-monthly subscription box
  • Free U.S. shipping

         Check out this box >>

Bimonthly natural skincare subscription box that features luxury, cruelty free, high quality clean products. You can expect to receive a themed collection of 2-3 full size products. For example, one box may include brightening or cleansing skincare products, while the next box may include luxe hair care or bodycare or personal care products, etc.

Among the brands featured in the previous boxes were One Love Organics, Luxe, Kahina, Indie Lee, Osmia, Live Botanical, Ursa Major, Laurel, and such. A single Clean Beauty box (valued at $85+) without a subscription commitment costs $68, but the price drops significantly if you subscribe to two boxes ($44.95) or 6 boxes ($41.95).

Kleverpark Organic Box

Kleverpark Box

from: Cratejoy
  • Price: $125 reg./$230 large box
  • Value: $250-$400
  • Luxury organic skincare made in Italy
  • 4-7 full size products (8-12 in large box)
  • Bi-monthly subscription (each other month)
  • $15 U.S. shipping (ships from Netherlands)

        Check out this box >>

This luxurious, all natural and organic skincare subscription box offers only high-end and certified organic products that are made in Italy. Additionally, all items are full size, clean, high quality, cruelty free, vegan and eco friendly.

Unlike most subscription boxes that come out monthly, Kleverpark Organic box ships once every two months. Also, this box comes in two sizes, regular and large. The regular box costs $125 and includes 4-7 full size products, while the large box costs $230 and includes 8-12 full size organic skincare and body products. The box itself is reusable (great for storage), and has magnetic closure.

To point out, most products in this organic beauty box are oriented towards dull, dry and aging skin. Some of the featured Italian brands in the past boxes included Terre Verdi, Lali Cosmetics, Bioearth, Nature’s, Zoe, and others.


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Beauty Heroes Box

  • Price: #39.95- $58.95
  • Value: $100+
  • Natural skincare, body care, & hair care.
  • 1 full size + 1 deluxe size
  • Monthly subscription box
  • Free U.S. shipping

         Check out this box >>

This all natural skincare subscription box focuses on one clean beauty brand per each box. So you can discover a new exciting brand each month like True Botanicals, One Love Organics, Pai, Zoe Organics, Laurel, Josh Rosebrook, Honua, and many others. Since all brands are high-end, you can expect one full size and one deluxe size product per box.

This monthly skincare subscription costs $58.95, but it is much cheaper if you commit to 3-month plan ($45.95), 6-month plan ($41.95), or 12-month subscription ($39.95). Also, each Beauty Heroes box features a rotation of skincare, body care and hair care products that are nontoxic, cruelty-free, and went through a strict ingredient screening process.


  • Price: $15
  • Value: varies
  • Samples of mixed beauty products
  • 4-6 deluxe beauty samples
  • Monthly subscription
  • Free U.S. shipping

        Check out this box >>

Personalized beauty box that includes variety of beauty products like skincare, hair care, body care, fragrance and makeup. Unlike most other beauty subscription boxes that offer deluxe and full sized products, Birchbox includes only deluxe samples (4-6 items), but they are very generous in size.

To point out, Birchbox includes a mix of brands (some are natural, organic, some are not) like Acure, Jane Iredale, Purlisse, Pai, Tata Harper, 100% Pure, Derma E, Aveda, Kiehl’s, Lancome and others.

However, you have the ability to set up personal preferences and customize your box, so you have an option to select just “natural and organic” products. On a side note, they also offer grooming boxes for man.

What different types of skincare really mean?

Interestingly, the government does not regulate most of the following clean beauty terms, and it is up to the individual brands of how much they commit to being natural and clean, and which harmful chemicals to avoid. However, there are few nonprofit organizations like EWG, NaTrue, EcoCert, NPA, and Made Safe, which are dedicated to the natural products industry, and offer natural products certifications and seals to the qualifying brands.

Natural skincare. The “all-natural ingredients” certification means that all ingredients in the product are made of a natural source (non synthetic) like plants, herbs, and minerals.

The claim “made with natural ingredients” indicates that the product contains some natural (non synthetic) ingredients, and may or may not contain harmful or toxic ingredients (check the ingredient list). If the product is made with naturally-derived ingredients (like plant-based, mineral-based, bio-based) it means that ingredients have natural origin, but have been processed, and may or may not contain harmful ingredients.

Organic skincare. These products are formulated with organic ingredients, meaning that the ingredients are free of pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, there are 4 different organic labeling categories, which reflect the percentage of organic ingredients used in the product. For instance, “100% organic” product contains only organically produced ingredients and can display USDA Organic seal, while “organic” product must contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and may display USDA Organic seal as well.

On the other hand, products that display claim “made with organic ingredients” contain only 70%-94% of organic ingredients and can’t display USDA Organic seal. If the product contains less than 70% of organic ingredients it can’t use and display the seal or term “organic”.

Vegan skincare. Vegan products don’t contain any animal-derived by-products or ingredients, which includes beeswax, honey, lanolin, collagen, gelatin, squalene, carmine, silk and such.

Green beauty/skincare. This term is used to describe products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced and safe for the environment. For example products with biodegradable packaging, a reef-safe sunscreen, products made with renewable energy, etc.

Clean beauty/skincare. These products are free of harmful ingredients like parabens, petrolatum, sulphates, phthalates, aluminum, dyes, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, EDTA, and other harsh chemicals.

Nontoxic skincare. Similarly to green and clean beauty, nontoxic skincare implies that it’s made without toxic and harmful ingredients. However, each individual brand decides to what extend.

Cruelty-free skincare. Product has not been tested on animals. Usually certified and carry internationally recognized the Leaping Bunny seal.


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