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Lip Enhancement At Home: Quick & Effective Solutions

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Some of the most popular lip plumping solutions at home include vacuum suction devices, topical plumping products that dilate the blood vessels and stimulate collagen production, and microneedling lip rollers.

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Many people find well-defined and full lips more attractive. But some of us have naturally thin lips. Moreover, as we age, our lips become thinner, flat, dry, faded in color, get wrinkles, and lip contour becomes faded as well. So, no wonder that lip enhancement at home is a hot topic.

But how can you make your lips look bigger?

The most dramatic results of lip enlargement are achieved with the help of dermal fillers (aka lip filler injections). But this lip enhancement procedure can be administered safely only by a certified dermatologist. Not to mention that invasive procedure like filler injections are costly, painful, require recovery time and some complications are possible. And not everyone is willing to get a needle stuck in the lip.

However, there are some non-invasive and budget friendly alternatives for lip enhancement at home. The following lip products have proven to increase lip fullness and volume, as well as address lip parameters like texture, fine lines and wrinkles (vertical lines), color, and contour:

  • Vacuum suction devices
  • Microneedling tools
  • Topical plumping products
  • Lip exfoliators

At a glance:

Vacuum Suction Lip Plumpers

One of the options for the lip enhancement at home is to use vacuum suction devices aka lip plumpers. These devices utilize electric or manual suction mechanism to massage and increase blood flow to the lips. And it takes only few minutes to use the device.

As a result of suction force, lips become mildly inflamed and appear fuller and more vibrant. Overall, lip plumpers provide instant visible results, but the effect of bigger lips is temporary and lasts only 1-4 hours. However, the results might last longer with the regular use of vacuum suction tools.

Even though lip plumping devices are quiet affordable and produce instant visible results, some side effects have been reported. For example, lip bruising and swelling is possible is suction device is used incorrectly or for too long at a time.

Check out our round up review of some of the best lip plumping devices for at-home use.

PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

In addition to plumping, this higher-priced compact device also offers lip exfoliation treatment. That is to say, the device comes with two interchangeable tips – “kissfoliator” is exfoliating tip that uses aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells from lip surface. While the “kisser” tip comes in small or large size and utilizes pulsating vacuum technology to plump lips and boost collagen production. Moreover, you can choose between two speed intensity setting for more customizable treatment.

One of the advantages of the pulsating vacuum technology is that it provides gentle suction and doesn’t cause bruising. However, some users might find it not strong enough. Overall, this 2-in-1 anti-aging lip device offers a well-rounded lip care since it comes with a hyaluronic acid lip plumping serum and two lip sheet masks with peptides.

Key features: pulsating vacuum technology, exfoliator tip, 2 modes, automated, USB charger.       

Juvalips Lip Plumper Device

This automated device utilizes pressure regulated pump and enhances both lips at the same time. Moreover, this lip plumper is designed with a removable contoured mouthpiece and replaceable silicone pad liner of the mouthpiece, which help to distribute pumping pressure evenly. To clarify, you use Juvalips by inserting both lips in the mouthpiece, and lip augmentation treatment is programmed to last for a minute. Since the suction mechanism is quite strong, a built-in 60-second timer helps to prevent overusing of the device. However, be aware that temporary lip bruising is still possible especially when using Juvalips for the first few times.

Overall, this electric device for lip enhancement at home is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It comes in few different colors, and conveniently includes dustbag, 5 pad liners and two batteries.

Key features: pressure regulated pump, contoured mouthpiece, 2 batteries.             

Green-apple-lip-enhancement at home plumper
Candy Lipz Lip Plumper Green Apple

Unlike PMD Kiss and Juvalips, this lip plumper device is manual. It utilizes ancient Chinese cupping suction technique and is hand operated. The way it works you insert both lips (or one) in the mouthpiece, and create suction by squeezing and releasing silicone body of the apple device.

Even though the device is simple and intuitive, read the manual carefully as there is a 10-day preparatory process. Since the device is operated by hand, you control the strength of the suction and length of each session. And similar to most lip pumping tools, lip bruising is possible.

Key features: manual pump, can control suction strength.             

Microneedling Rollers For Lips

Microneedling is often referred to as a collagen induction therapy. This cosmetic procedure is done with the help of microneedling tools like dermaroller or dermapen, which create micro puncture wounds on the skin. And this controlled skin damage triggers skin’s natural healing process, stimulates the release of growth factor, and leads to the activation of collagen production.

When used on lips, microneedling causes lip swelling, so lips look fuller immediately (lasts for few hours). In a long term, using microneedling rollers on lips improve lip texture, lip contour and appearance of vertical lines, promote fuller lips, and overall have anti aging benefits. Additionally, microneedling enables faster and deeper penetration of skin care products through freshly created micro channels, so the absorption rate and effectiveness of skincare products are much higher.

All in all, this quick rejuvenating treatment takes few minutes per session and can be done once or twice a week. However, safety is a big concern when using microneedling at home. In order to limit risk of infection you should properly disinfect your dermaroller, and use only microneedling tools with short needles 0.15 mm – 0.3 mm for lip treatment at home. And it’s recommended to follow with hydrating and nourishing treatments like lip balm or serum.

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Mesolyft Lips

This lip enhancement solution for home combines dermaroller and lip plumping serum in one tool. Not only it instantly plumps lips, making them look fuller, but also it reduces fine lines, and improves lip contour. The tip of the device is shaped as a rotating barrel and covered with 0.15 mm microneedles. While the handle of Mesolyft device doubles as a tube filled with lip serum.

And the serum itself has plumping and moisturizing properties, as it’s made with mango butter, aloe vera, soybean oil, and silicones. Overall, this device is an effective and easy to use anti aging lip tool. Simply pump the serum onto the tip of the device and roll the roller over the lips and lip contour.

Key features: 0.15 mm dermaroller + plumping serum, anti aging.             

Skin Gym Lip Microroller

Skin Gym lip roller is a very simple and budget friendly tool for lip enhancement at home. This microneedling miniature dermaroller has 180 stainless steel needles that are 0.2 mm long. Moreover, the tiny shape of the roller is very convenient for treating lips or under eye area. For best results, follow the microneedle lip treatment with lip plumping products.

Key features: 0.2 mm dermaroller, affordable, simple.    

GloPro-Lip-enhancement at home Attachment
BeautyBio GloPro Lip Attachment Head

In addition to microneedling, this lip roller also combines red LED light and pulsing technology, which can be can be turned on or off. This particular attachment head is designed specifically for lip treatment. It features 240 surgical stainless steel microneedles that are 0.3mm long, which can be used in conjunction with red LED therapy. However, the downside is that you’ll also need to purchase an automated GloPro base tool or GloPro kit in order to fully benefit from the device.

Key features: 0.3 mm dermaroller lip head, red LED light, part of the kit.    

Lip Enhancement Topical Products

Lip augmentation devices might give you a more dramatic lip volume, but the safest way of lip enhancement at home is to use lip plumping products like lip gloss, lip balm or overnight lip treatment.

Most lip plumping products include ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, wintergreen, chili or cayenne pepper. Not only these ingredients stimulate blood flow and dilate the blood vessels, but also they temporary volumize lips. Often, lip plumping products trigger lip tingling, flush the lips or produce a warming sensation.

In addition to volume stimulating ingredients, lip treatments often incorporate natural oils and waxes in their formulations. This helps to prevent dryness, peeling and roughness, heal cracked and chapped lips, and repair damaged skin. But some of the best lip plumping products will also include anti aging ingredients. For example, lip-friendly agents that repair skin barrier and stimulate collagen production like hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, and vitamin C.

When looking for the best lip enhancement at home, opt for the following plumping, hydrating, and rejuvenating ingredients:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Wintergreen
  • Red chili pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Ceramides
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin C
  • Calendula
  • Cocoa seed butter
  • Shea butter
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Vitamin E
Image Skincare Ormedic Enhancement Complex

One of the best lip plumping formulas that improves the appearance of lip volume while also deeply hydrates and rejuvenates. In addition to polypeptides and collagen, which have anti aging properties, it includes moisturizing and nourishing components like avocado oil and vitamin E. Overall, it’s a great option for those with thin, dry, chapped or aged lips. Also available as pink tinted or SPF 15 option.

Key features: improves lip fullness and contour, anti aging, ultra hydrating.           

Clarity Rx Pucker Power

How about lip enhancement product that also protects your lips from UV exposure and diminishes signs of aging? This pharmaceutical grade 3-in-1 lip treatment with SPF 30 is packed with lip-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, niacinamide, vitamins and other nourishing herbals. Not only it protects your lips from sunburn and premature aging, but also regenerates, hydrates and adds volume.

Key features: SPF 30, instantly plumps, anti-aging, peptides, ceramides, vitamins.      

PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster

This advanced lip plumping product instantly increases lip volume with the help of filling spheres and potent peptides. In addition, this lip booster has also hydrating and anti aging properties. So you can expect to see softer and plumper lips, long-term hydration, and less lip lines. But the down side is higher price point for this lip enhancement product.

Key features: instantly plumps, anti aging, moisturizing, peptides.      

Lip Exfoliators

Skin exfoliation is an essential procedure that involves removing dead skin cells from the surface. It has numerous anti aging benefits, and improves the overall health of the skin. And for these reasons most of us exfoliate face and body on a regular basis. But how about your lips?

Our lips are constantly exposed to environmental elements such as sun, wind, extreme temperatures, etc., which cause them to become dry, dehydrated, cracked or chapped. So lip care like exfoliation is a necessary step. Not only your lips will feel softer, but also they will appear smoother and younger-looking. Moreover, lip exfoliation stimulates blood circulations, resulting in fuller lip appearance.

When it comes to lip exfoliation, be gentle and don’t over-exfoliate. Also, use only lip specific exfoliators like lip scrub or lip exfoliating brush, as they are specially designed for tender lip skin. Overall, do this procedure once per week, and for best results follow with a lip balm or other moisturizing lip treatment.

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Beauty by Earth Organic Lip Scrub

Made with 100% organic ingredients this sugar scrub is gentle on your lip skin yet effective. In addition to sugar and calendula, the nourishing oil blend includes olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and beeswax. It’s lightly sweetened with stevia, so it also tastes good. Comes in 3 flavors: berry, vanilla or mint. Even though the jar is tiny, it can last up to three month, since you need very little amount of scrub per treatment.    

BlushLips Exfoliating Lip Brush

This double-sided lip scrubber is made of silicone, and is gentle enough for daily use. Moreover, you can use the brush on its own or with a lip scrub or lip balm. It provides light exfoliation, lip massage, and stimulates blood circulation without causing lip irritation leaving lips softer and fuller.    

Handmade Heroes Lip Scrub

Unlike most lip scrubs that come in tiny 0.5 oz jars, this sugar lip scrub comes in jumbo 1.2 oz. jar. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and is available in few delicious flavors. Not only your lips will get exfoliated, but also moisturized and nourished with oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.    


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