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Best Conductive Aloe Vera Gel for 2024: Expert Reviews and Benefits

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When it comes to selecting the best alternative conductive gel for use with a microcurrent device, aloe vera gel is definitely one of the best options out there.

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It is highly recommended to use conductive gel in conjunction with microcurrent therapy to improve the conductivity of the electrical currents used in the treatment. Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and tissues in the face, promoting circulation, improving tone, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, the skin is not an efficient conductor of electricity, therefore without a conductive gel, the electrical currents may not be delivered as deeply into the skin as they need to be to achieve optimal results. And that’s when the conductive aloe vera gel comes in handy.

In general, conductive gel contains ingredients that improve the conductivity of the electrical currents and help to deliver them more effectively into the skin. Since aloe vera gel is naturally rich in minerals and conductive ions it is considered to be one of the best conductive gel substitutes. Not only aloe vera allows the microcurrents to stimulate the muscles and tissues more deeply, but also it can help to protect the skin from irritation and provide a soothing and hydrating effect during and after the treatment.

Benefits Of Using Aloe As Conductive Gel

Overall, aloe vera gel is a natural conductor of electricity, thus using it to increase the conductivity of the microcurrents used for treatment may be beneficial. In other words, it can increase the treatment’s efficacy and make it easier to penetrate the skin with electrical currents. Aloe vera gel is also moisturizing and can assist to calm and soothe the skin, which is helpful both before and after microcurrent therapy. Altogether, combining aloe vera gel with microcurrent therapy can assist to maximize the therapeutic effects and enhance the look and health of the skin.

Here are some benefits of using conductive aloe vera gel with facial microcurrent therapy at home:

Increase effectiveness: Having natural conductivity properties aloe vera gel can help to increase the effectiveness of the microcurrent facial allowing the electrical currents to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Hydration: Aloe vera gel is well known for its hydrating qualities, which can aid in plumping and firming the skin. Also, it can lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance skin suppleness and tone when used in conjunction with microcurrent therapy. 

Reduce Inflammation: Conductive aloe vera gel has the added benefit of assisting in the reduction of skin inflammation and redness. Those with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin may benefit from this in particular.

Enhance Absorption: After receiving a microcurrent treatment, aloe vera gel can aid in enhancing the absorption of additional skincare products. This is due to the fact that it aids in pore opening and increases blood flow to the skin, which improves active ingredient absorption.

PROS: all natural, rich in minerals and antioxidants, budget-friendly, multifunctional, great for all skin types including sensitive skin.

CONS: dries out faster than some microcurrent conductive gels for the face.

Best Aloe Vera Gel For Microcurrent

Being a medicinal plant, aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, softening and natural healing properties. Not only aloe gel is a more natural alternative to other microcurrent gels, but also it’s an excellent moisturizer and a great source of antioxidants including vitamin A, C and E. Moreover, you can increase the conductivity of aloe vera gel by simply adding a pinch of salt to a gel.

When it comes to selecting the best aloe vera gels for use with a microcurrent device, there are a few things to consider. Look for products that are 100% pure and organic, without any added chemicals or preservatives. Here’s our list of the top rated conductive aloe vera gels for microcurrents.

Seven Minerals Gel

Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Organically grown and bottled in Southern Texas, USA, this 99% pure organic aloe vera contains no added chemicals or preservatives, and no water or alcohol. Moreover, this particular gel includes Agar (seaweed) as a thickener agent, which is naturally rich in mineral salts and provides higher level of conductivity (perfect for microcurrent!)

NaturSense Aloe Gel

NaturSense Organic Aloe Vera Gel

In addition to being organically grown in Texas, this aloe gel is also cold pressed and purified. It contains 99.75% certified organic aloe vera gel, and the label displays USDA organic seal. Also, the pump bottle is very convenient.

Pura D'or Lavander

Pura D’or Pure Aloe Vera Gel With Lavender

If you are looking for a scented aloe option, Pura D’or offers their USDA Certified organic aloe vera gels in four different scents including lemongrass, lavender, jasmine and bergamot lime. And don’t worry – it has been tested for extra sensitive skin. This 99.25% cold pressed aloe gel is formulated and bottled in California.


Facial microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and tissues in the face. Overall, using conductive gel with microcurrent device is essential to ensure the best results from the treatment and to promote the overall health and appearance of the skin.

When combined with conductive aloe vera gel, the benefits of facial microcurrent therapy can be enhanced. Being a medicinal plant, aloe gel is a more natural alternative to other microcurrent gels. Its moisturizing and skin healing properties help to protect the skin from irritation and provide a soothing and hydrating effect during and after microcurrent treatment.

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