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Learn about different types of all-natural and organic ingredients, and see our round up of 15 best all natural body washes and shower gels that are formulated without toxic and harmful ingredients.

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Using an all natural body wash can be a great way to care for your skin while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Overall, natural body washes are formulated with gentler ingredients that are less likely to cause irritation or dryness, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Also, many natural body care products are typically free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, which can be irritating to the skin and potentially harmful to your overall health. And those who are environmentally conscious will be pleased that many all-natural body washes are biodegradable and made with sustainable ingredients, making them a more eco-friendly option.

Different Types Of All-Natural Ingredients

There are several types of natural ingredients that are being used in personal care products and cosmetics: organic, natural, and naturally-derived. Organic ingredients are those that were produced without pesticides and fertilizers. Skin care products can be formulated with purely organic ingredients (100%), or use a certain percentage of organic ingredients in their formulations. Moreover, the percentage of organic ingredients used in a product determines if USDA Organic seal is allowed to be displayed on the label or not.


Unlike “organic”, the term “natural” is actually not regulated by the government, and it is up to the individual brands of how much they commit to being natural. However, there are few nonprofit organizations like EWG, NaTrue, EcoCert, NPA, and Made Safe, that are dedicated to the natural products industry, and offer natural products certifications and seals to the qualifying brands.


The “all-natural ingredients” certification means that all ingredients in the product are made of a natural source (non synthetic) like plants, herbs, and minerals. The claim “made with natural ingredients” indicates that the product contains some natural (non synthetic) ingredients, and may or may not contain harmful ingredients (check the ingredient list). If the product is made with naturally-derived ingredients (can be described as plant-based, mineral-based, bio-based) it means that ingredients have natural origin, but have been processed, and may or may not contain harmful ingredients (check the ingredient list).



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Best All-Natural Body Wash

After some diligent research we narrowed it down to the top 15 best all-natural body washes. The following organic and all-natural body washes and shower gels are formulated without harmful and irritating ingredients, and are particularly important for those with skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, acne, and sensitive skin.

Collection of all-natural body wash, colage

Tube of 100% pure body wash
Key features: foaming, hydrating, toning, botanical
100% Pure Honey Almond Shower Gel

This hydrating foaming shower gel is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, rose hydrosol, green tea, red algae, and other natural ingredients. It gently cleanses and tones the skin, while locking in moisture and revitalizing the body. And you’ll enjoy the uplifting aroma!

 Available in different scents: Vanilla Bean, Coconut Lime, Coconut, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Mangosteen, French Lavender, and Eucalyptus.

Babo Body Wash
Key features: fragrance free, hypoallergenic, EWG verified, sensitive skin safe
Babo Botanicals Hydra Therapy Wash

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic body washes are the best for those with sensitive, dry, rosacea and eczema-prone skin. This moisturizing plant-based body wash is gentle enough for daily use and is EWG Verified. It is specifically designed for very sensitive and irritable skin and formulated with pure and soothing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, calendula, aloe, coconut oil, shea butter, cacao seed butter, chamomile, and other nourishing components.

green tube of all natural body wash by Weleda
Key features: citrus, sesame seed oil, NaTrue certified, for normal & dry skin
Weleda Refreshing Body Wash

This invigorating body wash is infused with an uplifting citrus scent that comes from essential oils. Not only it gently cleanses the body but also nourishes the skin with organic sesame seed oil, and energizes your senses with lemon peel. This body wash is NaTrue certified, which insures the high standard of all-natural ingredients. Overall, it is best for normal and dry skin.

Spa body wash
Key features: antioxidants, organic oils, brightens, evens out skin tone
Juice Beauty Ylang Ylang Spa Wash

The non-drying and hydrating formula of this deep cleansing body wash is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. In addition to nourishing oils, this spa body wash also helps to even out skin tone and texture with brightening ingredients and vitamins. And you will love light and refreshing aroma of ylang ylang flower. All in all, it is formulated for all skin types but will benefit the most those with normal, dry and mature skin.

blue bottle of EO orhanic shower gel
Key features: relaxing, moisturizing, herbal
EO French Lavender Shower Gel

Have relaxing aromatherapy experience in your shower while gently cleansing your skin. This calming shower gel is made with organic herbs like aloe, chamomile, white tea, and a moisturizing blend of fig and hop extracts. It leaves your mind relaxed and your skin soft and hydrated. Also available in the following scents: Awakening grapefruit & mint, Lovely rose & lemon, and Content vetiver & coconut.

square bottle of Drunk Elephant body wash
Key features: luxe oil blend, amino acids, foaming, safe for sensitive skin
Drunk Elephant Kamili Cream Body Cleanser

This gentle non-drying body cleanser is infused with a luxurious oil blend of marula, maracuja, Sacha Inchi Seed, and sweet almond oils, which are high in antioxidants and deeply moisturize. In addition, the blend of multi-amino acids replenishes, restores, soothes and protects skin barrier. A fruity scent is very mild.

This body wash doesn’t foam up much, and will work better if used with body loofah. Formulated for all skin types including sensitive.

Shea Moisture body wash with coconut
Key features: ph balancing, coconut oil & milk, shea butter, hydrating, restores
SheaMoisture Coconut Daily Hydration Body Wash

Experience an intense hydration while gently cleansing your skin with a blend of 100% virgin coconut oil, organic coconut milk, and shea butter. This all-natural body wash restores, nourishes, soothes, moisturizes, and softens skin, while also helping to maintain skin’s natural pH balance.

skinny bottle of all-natural body wash by True Botanicals
Key features: green & white tea, aloe, softening, Made Safe certified
True Botanicals Nourishing Wash

True Botanicals makes all their skincare products certified and safe not only for people but also for the planet (all products carry the Made Safe® seal).

The Nourishing body wash is formulated with high quality potent and clean ingredients like green and white tea (antioxidants), aloe vera, and olive fruit extract, which leave skin clean, soft and moisturized. It has a luxurious creamy texture, foams well, and has pleasant woody-citrusy scent.

blue bottle of Organic body wash
Key features: USDA organic, oil blend, refreshing
Be One Organics Spearmint Body Wash

Start your morning with a refreshing body wash that’s made with USDA certified organic ingredients like aloe juice and oil blend of coconut, shea butter, olive, jojoba and sunflower oils. A refreshing scent comes from spearmint and eucalyptus oils. And you’ll be pleased that this product is safe for all skin types including sensitive.

It is formulated without stabilizers and thickeners, so make sure to shake the bottle well before each use.

bottle of Rahua shower gel
Key features: organic, Amazonian oils, aromatherapeutic, antioxidants
Rahua Shower Gel

This luxurious shower gel is infused with some unique ingredients sourced from the Amazonian rainforest like rahua, sacha inchi and palo santo oils, which are rich in antioxidants and help restore and tone skin. In addition, hibiscus extract gently exfoliates and helps to control oil production, while quinoa promotes skin healing and moisture retention. It also has aromatherapeutic properties as it’s filled with relaxing lavender, uplifting eucalyptus and sweet vanilla aroma.

tube of scent-free body wash by Desert Essence
Key features: fragrance free, antioxidants, aloe vera
Desert Essence Fragrance Free Body Wash

If you are looking for a fragrance-free soothing body wash, this option is ideal for sensitive skin. It gently cleans, purifies, and calms skin with the help of powerful all-natural botanical ingredients like green tea, jojoba oil, aloe, yucca cactus extract, sea kelp, and willow bark. Moreover, the antioxidants in this all-natural body wash protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Key features: hypoallergenic, soothing, EWG verified
Attitude Super Leaves Soothing Shower Gel

Gentle hypoallergenic shower gel with a subtle scent of white tea leaves and jasmine that will leave your skin soft and radiant (EWG Verified). The plant-based and mineral-based ingredients such as white tea, moringa seed extract, and watercress have regenerative, detoxifying and antioxidant properties.

Brown bottle of Basd body wash
Key features: plant-based, green tea, aloe vera, nourishing
Basd Seductive Sandalwood Body Wash

This nourishing plant-based body wash is designed for all skin types. It is made with organic ingredients like aloe vera and green tea, which are powerful antioxidants with moisturizing properties. Sandalwood scent with a hint of bergamot comes from a blend of essential oils and natural fragrances, and is considered a natural aphrodisiac. Also available as Mint and Crème Brulee scents.

Key features: moisturizing, shea butter, coconut oil, lavender
Alaffia Everyday Shea Body Wash

All natural body wash scented with lavender essential oil (but also available in vanilla-mint scent, passion fruit or unscented). This moisturizing product is handmade and formulated with unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, and African neem extract. Overall, it’s a great all-natural and budget friendly option for those with normal and dry skin.

Key features: EWG verified, vitamin E, aloe + herbs
EO Everyone 3-in-1 Bath Soap

This multipurpose EWG verified cleanser can be used as shampoo, body wash or bubble bath. It is made with organic and plant based ingredients, and contains coconut, vitamin E and B5, aloe, chamomile, and other herbs. In addition to the creamy texture this gentle soap has a pleasant coconut and citrus scent. Overall, this is a convenient option for those who prefer multipurpose products and simplified skincare and body care routine. Other scents also available.

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Choose best body moisturizing product for your skin!

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Difference Between Body Wash And Shower Gel

When it comes to body cleansers, the terms “body wash” and “shower gel” are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. That is to say, some of the main differences between body wash and shower gel is texture, properties, and scent.

Texture. A typical body wash has runny and liquid-like texture. In contrast, a shower gel texture is thicker with gel-like consistency due to the higher concentration of the emulsifiers.

Properties. A body wash is usually formulated with more moisturizing ingredients (emollients) in comparison to the shower gel. Moreover, since most body washes have hydrating properties, they are considered a better option for those who live in cold and dry climates. On the other hand, shower gel will work better for those who live in warm and humid climates, and for people with acne-prone, oily or combination skin.

Scent. If you are not a big fan of strong aroma, opt for a body wash as it generally contains a lower concentration of fragrance than a shower gel.



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